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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Savor the Day


Savor the Day

Here is a prose from my collection.

Every day is the same

Every day is the same to me and that is a good thing not bad.

It is just that I have to deal with it, this lovely labor.

Labor as in giving birth or as with a straining back early in the day, for a job you love and want done.

It is something I have to deal with this lovely labor.

Would that it should go away I would want to have it back; this labor, this lovely labor.

For you see I labor to understand why a woman as beautiful as you loves a man like me and I pray you will never stop, for surely, I will weep to have that labor back or die in vain.

From - 'Poetry and Prose - Aphorisms and Thoughts'
Available on Amazon

Friday, October 25, 2019

Big Crows


Big Crows

I suppose you just need to be in a situation where
there is no law enforcement officer around, and
the perpetrator of a crime against you
is powerful.

Fear will shiver you to the bone; you are helpless.

The gun is rightfully called the equalizer.
Some of them crows is mighty big.

In the vernacular.

The second amendment was understood by country folk
that were all alone in the wilderness.

And, if you think because you are in a city, and not
in the wilderness you don't need a gun, perhaps it is
just perspective. Perhaps the city is more of a
wilderness than the wilderness.

Here is an existential fact.
I love existential facts.

The only reason you can't take over America
is because the individual has guns.

And if you don't agree I suppose you just
need to experience the fear when someone
comes through your door at night,
and you don't have a gun.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Blowing The Christian Trumpet

*Fire the editor - repost due to spelling error
Blowing The Christian Trumpet

If you are a Christian, regardless of denomination,
you have a guide book on how to raise your children.
You have a moral guidebook.

Parenting is never easy, but without the how-to guide
you are left with the world deciding your child's fate.

Now basically the world teaches that everything is A-Okay
and shame on you if you don't like it.

Stand tuff and blow your Gabriel's Horn.
Everything is not A-Okay.

Monday, October 14, 2019




It is truly Biblical, the moral decay of our society.
It's intellectual existential logic searches for odd justice.
If it cannot logically see anything wrong with an idea,
it then must be A-okay.

Sexual freedom is a right and don't tread on me.

So, to keep it simple, the human race only has one problem;
copulation without responsibility.

Dumb as Monkeys

The orgasm rules.

Read my novel 'Children of the Seven Hills'
It will all make sense in the end.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019




Emulating the adults is the first step of adolescence.

As a kid I started early. Rolling a pack of Lucky Strike Cigarettes
into the sleeve of my t-shirt like James Dean and cussing
made me feel cool. We greased our hair back and
dressed like every other lemming.

If you were a nerd back then it was death.

Watching our politicians in the high offices of our
democracy in Washington with their gutter mouth talk
in an attempt to denounce their opponent, shows
how immature and lacking in VIRTUE they really are.

I learned how to cuss and then I learned how not to.

I guess when I'm between a rock and a hard place
I may still show my tastelessness but
for the most part I strive to be better.

Politicians who show no more maturity than to
cuss their opponent publicly, lose all credibility
in the large scheme of things. And, with today's
video being retained at infinitum you will never escape the
worst image of yourself.

Hay political fools, it is not okay to
cuss in front of my kids.

Read my Novel 'Children of the Seven Hills'
and see how we got to this demoralized state.