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Creative license - Humbert and Pristina are intended to be mockingbirds, mocking the human race. Humbert is depicted having two wisps of feathers on his head. This is only to distinguish him from her. No intent is given to represent true mockingbirds which do not have such markings. So, for true birders please rest from reality, it is just for fun. Many Regards - TJ Ginn PS - Make some comments. It lets me know someone is watching. Of course, I moderate so be kind.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2023


HnP249 5/2/2023

Animals have no gender dysphoria
and male dogs will hump anything.
Not to be crude it is just true and if you find that
offensive grow-up and welcome to the real world.
Female dogs know they are the boss and that
the males are nothing but trouble.

Friday, December 9, 2022

Human Mocking

HnP248 12/9/2022

The Lyrebird you can find on YouTube mocks sounds
other than birds.
When humans mock others it is usually before they think and
then it can never be taken back, even when you delete the tweet.


Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Humbert and Pristina 247 Been away too long



Drawn in too many directions.

Birdies Online is kind of a journal of mine.

Took a break to produce 12 episodes of

Professor Brainstein’s Physics 101.

Life happens.

Midway were some health issues which

Slowed me down. I’m fixed now and back working

on the YouTube channel.

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New important Episodes in the works

Many Regards TJ

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Perihelion Engineering - 'The Universe in a Nutshell'


Just released...
Perihelion Engineering 'The Universe in a Nutshell'

Over ten years in the making...
                Perihelion Engineering, ‘The Universe in a Nutshell’ is the most important publication of the twenty-first century. TJ Ginn breaks the bonds of traditional physics to redefine long accepted norms.
                Causality and the Big Bang theory are refuted. The velocity of light is proved to not be fundamental. Combustion and thermodynamics is taken to new horizons and the magic of magnetism is revealed to be push and not pull as well as gravity being shown to be pressure and not a magic unsolvable mystery attractive force.
                For the first time in science history, dark matter is defined, as well as the red shift observation refuted, to support Albert Einstein’s original proposal that the universe is infinite.
The unified theory is here… “The universe is in a Nutshell and the Nutshell is infinitely large.”
The ‘Universe in a Nutshell’ breaks from physics conventions for a new viewpoint. The problem with our sciences is that it is much like the old adage – ‘a man was looking in his yard in the evening. His neighbor asked him what he was looking for. “Why, I am looking for the keys to my car.” The neighbor helped him and after a while he asked, “Is this about where you lost them?” The man replied, “no, I lost them in the house.” Dismayed the neighbor asked, “Then why are you looking out here?” The man replied, “Because the light is better.” This is my version of ‘The Streetlight effect’ and it is prevalent even today.
Our observations are always evolving and as in the days of Nicolaus Copernicus we learned our observational error and we saw the earth truly going around the sun. We have failed in so many aspects with the Big Bang view. It is totally wrong primarily because the speed of light is not fundamental.
“I apologize for the high cost of printing, but it is a full color exposé, which is essential. I am not accustomed to apologizing ahead of a release, but I am trying to put this in the hands of everyone. Though I tried to write this for even the non-science acclimated reader some complexities were unavoidable. Suffice it to say, though the universe is simple, infinity is not.”
Many Regards
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Tuesday, March 10, 2020


HnP 244-245/3/10/2020


I felt compelled to restate this theory...
The way a flu virus diminishes is by infected people
who are either asymptomatic or healed of the disease
integrating back into the population.
They transmit not only a weak virus but they transmit
the antibody also.

Annually the flu season rises, peaks and diminishes.
If we are lucky enough to pre-inoculate enough of the
population with a good match for the upcoming flu season
the number of deaths is lower.

Some years the vaccine is a poor match and some
years there is a good match.
While we wait for a vaccine...

Finding the asymptomatic and healed patients
and integrating them back into the population will
diminish the coronavirus spread.

But then again, what do I know.

Saturday, March 7, 2020




It would seem logical to locate asymptomatic carriers
of the Coronavirus.

Not only are they carrying the virus but
are also carrying the antibody.

It is proven science that the more people that
are inoculated against a disease, they spread
the immunity as well.

In 1796 Edward Jenner, a Gloucestershire doctor, noticing that milkmaids who suffered from cowpox appeared resistant to smallpox.

Wishing blessings to all.