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Creative license - Humbert and Pristina are intended to be mocking birds, mocking the human race. Humbert is depicted having two wisps of feathers on his head. This is only to distinguish him from her. No intent is given to represent true mocking birds which do not have such markings. So for true birders please rest from reality, it is just for fun. Many Regards - TJ Ginn PS - Make some comments. It lets me know someone is watching. Of course I moderate so be kind.

Andrews McMeel Syndication turn my birds down. The simplistic almost stick like drawings are intended. Oh the pains of Van gogh. It is the statement stupid. The simplicity of the cartoon stays; it is probably me they can't be associated with. Politics as usual. The world is a nasty place and these birds get it and I will never eat Escargot. *** One day later with self reflection; This is probably a good thing because I would have had to limited the wording to keep it simple for children. Have no fear this site is G rated but parents will have to explain terms and ideology to children.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Only one church received no admonishment - Philadelphia - That translated is brotherly love

One must always be connected to the political Zeitgeist,
because evil never sleeps. You try to enjoy life while
you fight the bad guys. These are the naysayers who cannot
conceive of a law written upon ones heart, the ones who
judge unrighteously and sow discord among brothers. These
are they who lust for power and twist the words to deceive
many to harbor their flock for vanity's sake.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Long winters are just hard

Long winters are just hard.
Comradery and any reason for gathering. Sunday
Church and then meet at the Pub for a pint and
another pint, what the hell, can we dance.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Hard working Americans hunker down

Hard working Americans hunker down.
Wealthy upper echelon jets around to shake off the winter
blues, the average american tuffs it out with dark days and true grit.
Some have to work in the cold and dark while others
have no work because of the cold and dark.
Be of good cheer, spring is close at hand. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Single payer is the end of choice

Single payer is the end of choice the communist dream
will render us all equally poor

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Infanticide is as inhumane as it gets

Third trimester abortions and even post birth infanticide is
the new low of human cowards running away from responsibility.